File Guidelines for Sending Artwork to Comp-Cal, Inc.  


  General Artwork Specifications 

- All text must be converted to curves, paths, or outlines depending on the design software.

- File colors should be in CMYK mode.

- Send layered file versions if they are available and include fonts in the layered files.

- Send a copy of the fonts used in the artwork.

  Sending Files 

-Send a backup copy of the artwork not an original.

-Send a pdf. or jpeg. copy of the artwork. (this shows us how the artwork is intended to look when produced)

Include the following information with your artwork:

- Your company name, address, and phone number.

-Contact Person

  Supported Software 

Preferred Software Application:  Corel Draw X4 or lower and Adobe Illustrator CS or lower

Other Applications:  Adobe Photoshop

File Formats:  .cdr  /   .eps (if made with Adobe Illustrator)   /   .pdf (if made with Adobe Illustrator)   /    .psd   /  .ai   /   .tiff

  Sending Files in the Mail 

Save files to disc:


Discs should be mailed to:
Comp-Cal, Inc.
7804-D Commerce Dr.
Denver, NC 28037

  Image Resolution 

 -To determine image resolution, multiply the output height ( or width ) of the finished graphic by the desired image output resolution. Divide this total by the input height ( or width ).

-Example: An 8 inch X 10 inch photograph cropped to 7 inch X 8 inch needs to be reproduced at 49 inch X 56 inch at standard resolution.  Using the formula calculate - 49 inch ( output height ) X 25 inch ( image output resolution ) ÷ ( input height ) = 175 dpi.

-The resolution of images included in the file should not exceed that needed for the recommended output resolution.

-Resolution dependent files such as photos should be at least 100 dpi at 100% for highest print quality.






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